Principal’s Welcome

I would like to thank everyone in the Chaplin Elementary School community for welcoming me so warmly! As we enter the second half of the school year, we know there is still much to be achieved this year. This is an opportune time to reflect on what has been accomplished this year. The teachers will continue to review the data gained through classroom work and the NWEA monitoring assessments. We will use this information to make informed decisions about our planning, our curriculum, and our practices. It is also a good time for our students and families to reflect on what they have done this year to achieve their best growth.

Doing well in school matters and so does character! All successful communities must have a clear set of ideals. As I walk the hallways early in my time at CES, I am so proud to see all the evidence of positive behaviors and creative thinking that happen every day. The board that shows all the present Soaring Eagles is a welcoming sight when one first walks into the building and serves as a constant reminder of how our attitudes shape our achievements. We will continue to work together and model our understanding of excellence with the students and families. By sharing a strong belief about what is good and right is important to make our environment the best place for our children to grow both academically and socially.

Finally, we all have dreams. However, dreams that are not acted upon remain dreams. When we plan ways to achieve those dreams, they become our goals. We all need to know what our children’s goals are in order to help them put their efforts into the actions that will help them to realize these ambitions. Maybe your child wants to become a more fluent reader, or a writer who uses more sophisticated vocabulary, or a more efficient problem solver; what can you do to help? We will continue to provide feed-forward feedback to your children and to you in order to help everyone understand what the children are doing that is helping to progress as well as have a stronger understanding of what they need to focus on in order to move forward from each learning experience.

We are motivated to improve upon our practices that will make us to be the best school possible. We are in this endeavor together, so we must collaborate and share with one another. We are reflecting on our priorities, determining ways to make our ideals clears to all, and dreaming to make every day a positive experience for each and every child!

Kevin Chavez