Principal’s Notes

The District Profile and Performance Report for the School Year 2017-18 has been released by the State Department of Education. Chaplin Elementary School’s Accountability Index (DPI) places the district second among the districts in the northeastern part of Connecticut. The school scored 84.9% of the possible points. The scores (which can be found at and clicking on Next Generation Accountability and Profile and Performance Reports) show that the school is making gains in both ELA and Math; however, we still have room for more improvements. Scores are based on 12 indicators that move beyond the test scores. The focus is no longer on the number of students performing in the “proficient” or “not proficient” range; the index takes into consideration individual student academic growth.

We are taking the time to celebrate our success, but we are not taking a break; rather, we are seeking ways to improve our instruction each and every day. We are giving attention to the curriculum and working to improve the rigor and enrichment for our students. We are looking carefully into the types of activities and assignments we are completing in class. We are considering the questioning techniques used by both teachers and students.

Our goal is to improve our capacity for critical thinking within the students. As the students’ reflective skills move to deeper levels over the years, we gain an understanding of the impact that we are having with the children’s metacognition. This analysis will give us guidance in the resources we use and the methodologies our teachers incorporate into their daily practices.

When you see a teacher from CES, please reach out to them and congratulate them on the positive work being done!

-Kevin Chavez