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Chaplin Elementary  School Pre-Kindergarten

School Readiness Program

People used to think children  were ready for kindergarten if they could say the ABC’s, count, identify colors and write  their first name. Readiness was always more complicated than that, and new brain research is helping us understand what readiness really is. Readiness doesn’t mean just knowing the academic basics. It means a child has a willing attitude and confidence in the process of learning: a healthy state of mind.

The community of Chaplin has been very fortunate over the past several years to apply for and receive a School Readiness Grant from  the State of Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood.  Funding from this grant directly  supports Chaplin’s pre-kindergarten program  and assists families who wish to send their children  to a pre-kindergarten program. Over 200 families and children have benefited from this grant since its inception.

One of the selection criteria for the School Readiness Grant requires the pre-kindergarten program  to be accredited by NAEYC The National Association of the Education of Young Children. NEAYC promotes

high-quality early learning for all children by connecting practice, policy and research.  NAEYC ensures a sustained high-quality preschool program  by promoting best practices and supporting all who care for, educate and work on behalf of young children.

The Chaplin Elementary Pre-kindergarten Program, accredited by NAEYC, believes that all children  are competent learners and capable of positive outcomes. The best predictor of a child’s success in school and life depends on the development of healthy attachments with their  family and parents. Research shows that the most effective way to promote a student’s readiness for school is to form  key positives relationships with his/her family. The Chaplin Elementary Pre-Kindergarten Program is a strong believer in this philosophy and incorporates parent and family involvement in every aspect of its program.

For admittance to the program, a family must be a resident  of the town of Chaplin with a pre­-kindergarten child who will turn three or four years old on or before December 3Pt of that school year. Chaplin’s program includes support  and services to children  and families to ensure that all children reach their potential for success in the school community. This program is an inclusive one servicing students with  disabilities, as well as income-eligible and full tuition families.

If you are interested, or require  more information about this program, please call the Chaplin

Elementary Pre-kindergarten Program at Chaplin Elementary School. (860) 455-9593.

Please also see the Sparkler app from the state of connecticut