Ancient Egypt Simulation!

Boys and Girls explore ancient Alexandria by horse.

The computer kids cobbled together an impressive gaming computer using a graphics processor unit generously donated by the Claussen family and an I7 based computer from the UConn Surplus Store. Mr. Burelle purchased The Discovery Tour of Ancient Egypt for the class. The fifth and Sixth grade were invited to tour the most realistic simulation of ancient Egypt to date. The 70 inch Samsung display was beautiful to behold as the computer had no problem handling the very highest settings for the simulation.

The Google Earth Station

Mr. Burelle’s class shows off their latest creation: A Google Earth station for exploring the geography of Planet Earth, the Moon and Mars.

Mr. Burelle’s class has built a Google Earth station.  It has a stunning 70″ display for a truly immersive experience.  It’s mounted to a heavy-duty cart that Mr. Sperry helped install.

The class hopes their work will inspire students throughout the school to learn all about geography.

Mr. Burelle’s Class Builds a Computer!

Alissa and Jesse
Alissa and Jesse proudly show the system BIOS of their Intel i7 computer running RAID 0.

A few students from Mr. Burelle’s class built a computer!  They worked during their recess and lunch breaks.  First, they installed the chip on the motherboard, then the RAM.  They configured the system BIOS to boot from the optical drive and played with with a few other settings.  They ran hardware diagnostics to ensure the RAM and hard drives were sound.  After a brief struggle with RAID drivers, they had the Linux operating system installed and running smoothly.

They then installed the Stellarium astronomy application form the package installer and explored the solar system.  They also played around with the 3D modeling application, Blender.

The group presented to the class in a half-hour presentation.


Great job kiddos!