Grade 1

Welcome to First Grade Classroom

at Chaplin Elementary School!


I am so happy that you are joining us! Here are some of the amazing learning experiences that your child will have.

LANGUAGE ARTS (Reading, Writing, Spelling)


*Reading Workshop

*Read Alouds

*Shared Reading

*Partner Reading

*Independent Reading

*Poetry and Songs

*Phonics (consonant, short vowels, blends, digraphs)

*Compound Words


*Word Endings (s, ing, ed)


*Sight Words

*Story Writing (Narrative, Expository, Persuasive, Fictional)



*Problem Solving

*Addition & Subtraction Facts





*Place Value






On Mondays, the first graders have physical education class

On Tuesdays, they have art class.

On Wednesdays, they have physical education and health classes.

On Thursdays, the first graders have music class.

On Fridays, they have library class and computer lab.


We have a ten minute snack break each day. Students are encouraged to bring ONE healthy snack such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, rice cakes whole grain crackers, or other foods that are low in sugar and fat. Students may bring a drink from home. Also water is available in the classroom.

Children are not allowed to trade or share snacks.

Breakfast is available for purchase at the start of the school day.


Reading at home

Please remember to read with your child at home every day. This will reinforce the learning that is taking place at school. Most importantly make learning enjoyable as you read together.

Here are some of the reading strategies that the children are studying.


*Preview the book by taking a quick peek at the pictures in the book and predict what might happen in the story.

*Have your child check the pictures for clues about what the words are.

*Stretch the words and use letter sounds.

*Find familiar chunks inside of words (chip-an-zee)

*Ask:  Does the word look right?  (dog or puppy)

Does the word sound right? (at or ate)

Does the word make sense? (sky or ski)

*Skip the word, read on, go back and give it another try.

*Self-correct the reading by fixing mistakes as they are made.)

Here are some educational websites to visit: