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 Chaplin Discovery/ School Readiness Council

All Chaplin Children Birth – Age 8 are Healthy and Successful Learners. 

The Chaplin Discovery/School Readiness Council is a group of early childhood professionals, parents, seniors and other community residents who are appointed by the First Selectman and School Superintendent. We make recommendations on issues related to the care and education of young children birth to eight years old. We work to make conditions better for children and their families so that all children enter kindergarten ready to learn and are performing at their best by fourth grade.

Our vision statement:

All Chaplin children from birth to age 8 are successful learners and part of healthy families.

Some of our goals:

  • Improve social, emotional, and educational outcomes for children birth to eight years old.
  • Increase lines of communication between parents and schools, town government and other institutions to create      a more effective “parent voice” in relation to decision-making about children.
  • Increase resources for young children through accessible, high quality early care and education programs, play groups, family activities, advocacy, and other activities.

What  we have accomplished:

  1. Increased the number of high quality preschool spaces for 3 and 4 year old children
  2. Presented “Discovery Days” – town wide family events drawing over 1000 residents
  3. Co-Sponsored Chaplin Clean-up Day
  4. Co-sponsored the summer concert series at Garrison Park
  5. Created a play group that meets weekly at the Chaplin Public Library
  6. Provided summer preschool and toddler story hours at the Chaplin Public Library
  7. Expanded Public Library hours to include one morning for families of young children
  8. Raised almost $5,300 toward upgrading the Garrison Field playground

9.  Conducted a survey of residents to address concerns about young children and their families

10.   Supported improved parent-child relationships and discipline through education for parents

11.  Developed high quality, themed literacy bags for circulation at the Chaplin Public Library

12.  Published the Chaplin’s Connection for Children newsletter and distributed it to all residents.

13.  Established our chaplinkids.org web site.

What  we aim to accomplish this year:

  1. Expand membership of the Discovery/School Readiness Council to better achieve our goals
  2. Continue to support the delivery of high quality early care and education in Chaplin
  3. Participate in regional parent leadership training to increase skills in advocating for children
  4. Increase parent to parent connections in order to achieve goals for children
  5. Establish a Community Planning Team that will lead Chaplin in developing a network of support services for young children and their families.

Thanks to the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund for ongoing support and encouragement to make a difference for Chaplin’s children.

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